ULB Plaine / 13 November 2018
Enabling FOSDEM for students
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FOSDEMx is a small scale spin-off of FOSDEM, combining a workshop track geared towards students and anyone interested in the topic, with a main track for a broader audience.

FOSDEMx 1, will take place on Tuesday the 13th of November 2018 at the ULB La Plaine campus. The second edition will focus on all things security.

All tracks are free of charge. Because seating is limited, we ask that you sign up for any workshop you want to follow. If you're only coming for the main track, no registration is necessary.


FOSDEM is about meeting the developers, while FOSDEMx is about using the tools and being an introduction to the free and open source world.


Xavier Mertens

Jérome Dossogne

Cedric De Vroey

Tijl Deneut

Zahra Khani

Hendrik Derre


Forum Auditorium
Université Libre de Bruxelles
Campus de la Plaine
Boulevard du Triomphe
B-1050 Bruxelles

Main track

  • 18:00

    Kerckhoffs in 2018 (Jérome Dossogne)

    135 years after Kerckhoffs: A few words information security and the open design principle.

  • 19:15

    HTTP for the Good and the Bad (Xavier Mertens)

    What HTTP techniques are used to make the life of security researchers and incident handlers more difficult? What mistakes do hackers make? I’ll review many examples of bad code / bad configuration that I found during my investigations and also some funny (scary?) stories.

  • 20:15

    Responsible disclosure (Cedric De Vroey)

    Responsible disclosure is a vulnerability disclosure model in which a vulnerability or issue is disclosed only after a period of time that allows for the vulnerability or issue to be patched or mended.

  • 21:00

    Bug Bounty Hunter (

    The European Union has announced that it will provide bounties for security issues in Open Source software. will explain how this wil work.


  • 19:00

    IoT Hacking (Zahra Khani)

    IoT is around us and will not go away, from the smart watch to controlling your thermostat, IoT directly impacts your life. Zahra Khani will tell you about how IoT hacking is done and how you can secure your IoT when you develop your prototypes from the start in a secure way.

  • 19:15

    Industrial Controller Hacking (Tijl Deneut & Hendrik Derre)

    Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are the systems like your HVAC systems we control our buildings and our industrial processes with. Tijl Deneut brings along his lab and will introduce you to ICS security and how ICS systems are hackable too if you do not secure them correctly.

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